Screw Conveyors

We design and manufacture each screw conveyor specifically to suit the material to be conveyed and the required throughput.


Removable shafts secured with locking elements are our standard, this allows damaged shafts to be replaced quickly at greatly reduced cost compared to welded-in shafts where the entire auger has to be replaced. Plant downtime is therefore kept to a minimum. Other shaft fixing arrangements are available upon request.

Auger Pipes

Auger pipes are standard nominal bore SCHED40 pipe for light to medium duty applications and nominal bore SCHED80 pipe for heavy duty applications. We are able to manufacture one-piece augers up to a maximum of 12m in length. For lengths longer than 12m, a piggyback arrangement of two screw conveyors is preferred if space allows. Hanger bearings can also be used but are not recommended. Stainless steel auger pipes are available up to 6m long. Larger and longer mild steel pipes can be clad with stainless steel to suit the clients’ requirements


Screw conveyor flights are available in Mild Steel, Stainless steel and 3CR12, and in thickness ranging from 3mm to 16mm. For very heavy duty or very abrasive applications VRN400 or Bennox is used.


We manufacture three main casing types, namely: U-trough, Flared Vee-trough as well as Tube type casings. U and Vee-trough casings are supplied with fitted bolt-on covers as standard, while tube type casings are fitted with an inspection door over the outlet. All three casing types can be manufactured from Mild Steel, Stainless Steel or 3CR12.

Bearings & Seals

Our standard bearing arrangement for screw conveyors are spherical roller bearings in plummer block housings. For smaller and light duty screw conveyors, Flanged self-aligning ball bearings are used. Our standard seal arrangement is an external bolt-on packing gland. This allows ease of maintenance and quick seal replacement. For highly abrasive materials, A replaceable hardened sleeve is press fitted to the shaft where the seal makes contact, greatly reducing wear on the shaft itself. 

Drive Arrangement

Our Preferred Drive arrangement for screw conveyors is a parallel shaft, shaft mounted gearbox with IEC adapter to allow quick and easy motor changes. Gearboxes are fitted with a torque arm bracket attached to the casing. Other drive arrangements are available upon request.

Out cases

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