Dust Control

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We are able to design, manufacture and install a full range of dust control systems, from small individual filters covering single pieces of equipment, to very large scale plant-wide systems. Dust Filters and collectors are sourced from both local and international suppliers to suit the application.

Bag and Cartridge filters: An overview

We Utilize standard bag or cartridge filters in our dust control plants, sourced predominantly from local suppliers, ensuring easy access to spares.

Dust Laden air is drawn through a conventional ducting system by means of a backward curved fan set on the clean-air side of the filter, this air passes through the filter bags or filter cartridges, and is separated from the dust. the dust then drops down into a collection hopper and is discharged via a screw conveyor or rotary/double flap valve into a collection bag for disposal or re-processing.

The Ducting system itself is designed and manufactured in house to suit our clients’ needs and the application, Ducting is available in Mild steel, Galvanized mild steel, Stainless steel and 3CR12

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