Mechanical Handling Equipment

Dust & Sugar Dust control

About Us

P.D. Engineering Services was founded in 1988, with the aim of supplying high quality mechanical handling equipment to the South African sugar industry.

Today we service and supply purpose-built mechanical handling equipment to many local and international companies, covering a broad range of industries - Including, but not limited to: Sugar, Pulp and Paper, Mining, Timber and Chemical.             At P.D. Engineering we strive to continually improve on the design and functionality of our equipment, and are always up to date with the latest materials and engineered products on the market. We fit only the highest quality components into our equipment, and our large supplier base ensures that our lead times are kept to a minimum.


Our experienced management and design team are the driving force behind our companies' success, and strive for customer satisfaction and producing quality equipment above all else, our goal is to exceed your expectations.


Our manufacturing team consists of highly skilled artisans, fittters, and machinists who continually meet and exceed the quality standards our company is comitted to.